Growing curiosity
From building castles to mud kitchens and sing-a-longs, we make learning fun and natural.

The Learning Environment

Young children learn most when they are interested, involved and motivated by relevant activities. They learn by exploring and investigating at their own pace with lots of opportunities to talk about their experiences. Activities across the school are planned each day to provide a wide range of meaningful experiences which foster individual development.





Learning through play

We do not distinguish between ‘work’ and ‘play’ because at this age play is the medium through which the children learn. We encourage concentration, involvement and persistence, and where possible completion of a self-chosen task.

Inspiring curiosity

Adult-led activities

Every day there will be special planned activities where the staff will be working with groups of children – these will be appropriate for the very young and the older children.

Adult-led activities

Child-led activities

Staff work closely with individuals and groups of children to extend their understanding, learning and language at activities they have self-chosen.

Child-led activities

The enabling environment

There is a wide range of provision available every day. The Nursery School has a book corner, writing area, workshop area, science and nature area, music area, maths table, computer area, large and small construction equipment, and a home corner with dressing up clothes. The Nursery also has a wide selection of sensory toys and materials, and cause-and-effect toys for children to explore.

The environment is well organised; with materials and equipment clearly labelled with photographs. This encourages children to become independent in finding and returning equipment, and also provides a sense of security and routine.

Our garden

Learning outdoors and with natural materials

Children are able to choose whether they work indoors or outdoors. We place a high value on outdoor play, and this provision is planned to develop and support children’s all round development.

The garden areas for the Nursery School, offer a flexible space with areas set up to encourage play and learning that can change from week to week. There are opportunities to explore natural materials indoors and outdoors including; water, sand, clay, and salt. Children are encouraged to care for nature; growing plants, weeding the flower beds and identifying insects.

Children learn through experiencing the changing weather and seasons; e.g. exploring shadows and rainfall, learning to take care of themselves in the sunshine, and noticing changes in the garden.

Our outdoor provision

A safe environment

Staff ensure that all areas are safe, clean and secure at all times. Children are encouraged to take part in tidying up and caring for the School.

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