Somerset Library

Using the Library

Please borrow a book from the school library regularly. Even if you go to a public library and have lots of books at home-enjoy hearing the stories that they hear at school, it prepares them for when they bring reading books home to share with you.

Using the library:
The books you can borrow are available each day. You can borrow one at a time and keep the book for up to a week at a time. This is to make sure that all children have access to all books, as you can understand some books are popular and therefore there’s higher demand for them.
Please make sure that you sign your book out and don’t forget to sign it back in when you return it. We provide you with a zip wallet for you to keep the book safe, however if a book does become damaged for any reason let us know. If your child has damaged the book, talk about how to look after the book correctly, but please don’t stop borrowing! If another adult brings or collects your child please make sure they are aware of the system and encourage them to use the library.

Keeping a record:
Please fill in the record overleaf. This helps us see what your child is interested in and selecting books in the future. Comments can include what your child thought about the book, for example, whether they enjoyed the story, if they noticed anything within the pictures, if they recognised any characters or the storyline, if they noticed any letters or words or even if they sounded out any letters or words – all of this information is useful.

Happy reading!
Please don’t hesitate to ask a member of staff for help in choosing a book.