About us

“We hope that your child’s first experience of the centre and school will be happy and exciting; we want children and their families to enjoy being with us at Somerset. At Somerset we are keen to improve our practice, and welcome any thoughts and ideas you have. Staff are always here to answer questions, and if you have any concerns I am here to help. I am happy to respond to letters, emails (admin@somerset.wandsworth.sch.uk), and will always make time to talk. We hope that you and your child have wonderful memories of Somerset that stay with you forever.”

– Emma Williams – Executive Headteacher

Our Vision

The staff, parents and governors worked together to develop a shared ‘vision’. This vision identifies what we feel is most important for our children and families.

Learning and Development

Children are interested, enthusiastic, engaged and supported in their learning to achieve their full potential.

Children are facilitated by skillful, responsive adults, feel acknowledged and recognise their achievements, developing a life-long love of learning.

Enabling Environment

Children experience a stimulating, vibrant, challenging, inclusive environment where they pursue their own curiosities, take risks and discover from first-hand experiences.

Adults with vision and understanding enable independent learning.

Unique Child

All children thrive through positive and trusting relationships and a deep knowledge of the individual.

Children become independent and creative learners through opportunities which recognise and support each unique character.

Positive Relationships

Representing the whole community by forming enriching partnerships with families, children, and staff across our local and global community.

Sharing knowledge, experience and strategies in partnership to achieve children’s full potential.